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The "Band-Aid" page on will be dedicated to promoting bands and band events. We go out to over 78,000 Ohioans weekly and that number is growing daily. Since the start of What’s Up Ohio we have promised and are holding to that promise on promoting bands free on our site, as we have done on our Facebook page for nearly two years now.

Please befriend me on my personal Facebook page (Mike McEldowney) or email us at  Please follow these easy instructions on how to get your band or event promoted on WUO.

1.       On my personal Facebook page let me know you have either created an event (Please include link to event) or you have one coming up (If there is a poster of the event please include it) since this seems to draw more attention to fans of What’s Up Ohio seeing it.

2.  Instructions on getting your band listed on Band-Aid page. You must email us links to your website, YouTube, Facebook pages, etc. and bands schedule as far in advance as possible and we’ll create a page dedicated to the band along with any pictures you submit. By getting your band listing on the website this will insure it getting posted on our Facebook page and other media outlets we tend to use. In addition there will be video and picture slideshows of the bands What’s Up Ohio covers from here on out and some of the past 320 plus shows and events we’ve covered since March 12, 2012! Plus at some point people will be able to submit pics to your band page! Now that Rocks Baby! 


Mike (Founder & Owner)



PHILLIP FOX BAND - click to view 

Big in Japan - click to view

Bringing Benatar  - click to view

Cold Blue Steele - click to view

Damian Knapp Band - click to view

Distant Signals - click to view

Global Warning - click to view

Goodnight Tonight - click to view

Gypsy Daze - click to view

Joe Vitale Jr. - click to view

Kerosene - click to view

Liquid Sky -click to view

Mystic Taxi Band - click to view

Straight On - click to view

Scarlet & The Harlots - click to view

The Armstrong Bearcats - click to view

The Breakfast Club - click to view

The Michael Lee Hill Project

The Pleiades click to view

Twelve on The High - click to view



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