What’s Up Ohio Media Productions

A professional 9000 square foot Arts & Entertainment Studio located in Akron, Ohio. We have a state of the art sound system, lighting, video and drone equipment. We are available for stills, live streams, multi camera video, band performances, full theatrical productions, commercials with incredible set designs/props and so much more.

On location shoots available with Drone shoots also available.

Extremely reasonable rates!

Call (330) 327-8296 or email mke@whatsupohio.com for more info.

~ David Schweyer ~

Guitar lessons and Tai Chi Instructor

Also available at our location!

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You like live music, don’t you? No….You love live music!!

The problem is with this pandemic, we are unable to see live music as we know it!


Stream Weaver provides bands with a virtual stage to perform. Stream Weaver allows bands to be heard and seen through a process you have heard of called streaming. A live broadcast, YES! Totally Live, will showcase these bands and the viewer will be able to click a button on a pay-per- view basis. This streaming service is “NOT” your run of the mill streaming service you see on Zoom, Facebook Live and so on. It is TV quality streaming as you would see on Hulu, Roku, Netflix and more.

What’s Up Ohio Productions is here to help bands and businesses with their struggle during this pandemic. We love to bring music to those who love it and help businesses get their story out. Some portions of the proceeds from “Stream Weaver” at times will go to different charities to assist with their ongoing efforts to help those affected by the pandemic. On location streaming is available under certain circumstances and where extreme internet upload speeds are available at location.

Call, text, or email now to get on board.

Mike McEldowney. 330-327-8296 ~ mike@whatsupohio.com

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